Health Blog

Every year we promise ourselves that this is the year we are going to get healthy. We start out with the best of intentions. We will change our diet, will exercise more, sleep longer, and pay better attention to our overall health. We put so many things on our "to do" list for health, and end up falling short.

But the goal is the same. We want to be healthy. So this year, let's approach it one step at a time.

Quitting cigarettes:
This is a daunting task, but by chunking it down into simple steps, it can be done and it can be done relatively easily. First, you'll need to have a clear soap container. Get rid of the opaque cigarette pack. Let's say you smoke 10 cigarettes a day. Start by putting nine cigarettes in the clear container each day and take that with you. When you get down to three or four cigarettes each day, you are in control as to whether or not you need to have that next cigarette, and when you need to have it. By cutting down one cigarette per day each week, you're back in control both with regards to changing your habit (psychological craving) as well as regards to the nicotine and chemical withdrawal (physical craving and dependence).

Best wishes to eveyone this holiday season!

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