Work Comp Care at Neurology Office

With over 25 years of experience in Southwest Florida treating all types of injured workers, Neurology Office has the expertise to provide cost-effective quality care in a timely fashion. We understand the needs of the patient as well as of the case managers and adjustors. Our office will do its utmost to provide prompt, courteous care, as well as providing all the necessary paperwork that is essential for treating patients with worker’s compensation claims.

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Our goal is to return the patient back to work in a timely fashion, symptom-free, with no residual deficit. While that is not always a possibility, we do aim for the following:

  1. Provide the utmost in quality care to the injured worker.
  2. Allow the injured worker to resume work duties as quickly as possible; often times this means returning the patient back to modified work.
  3. Work with the case managers, nursing team, and adjusters to make sure that all documentation is completed in a timely fashion, and that all avenues are explored for returning the patient back to the work environment as quickly as possible.
  4. DWC forms are filled out at the time of the office work, often handed to the case manager or adjuster at the time of the evaluation.

At Neurology Office, our philosophy is that work is a form of therapy, and all injured patients should be required to resume some form of activities if they are physically and cognitively able to.

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