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Around 1 million Americans are currently living with Multiple Sclerosis (also known as "MS"). And a growing body of evidence suggests that these statistics may be underrepresented due to the difficulty in diagnosing this unique autoimmune condition. 


This new season, many of us are striving for work-life balance. In this upcoming new year, we encourage you to consider making spinal balance one of your priorities. The benefits of achieving spinal balance can mean a world of difference when it comes to pain, movement, and preventing tissue deterioration. 


Currently, millions of Americans suffer from chronic back pain and neck pain. Three out of ten Americans are suffering from low back pain at this very moment; eight out of ten Americans will experience low back pain in their lifetime! And whether this pain results from a severe injury or a mild lingering condition, this pain can be usually be traced to the spinal cord, the bony spinal column, and the nervous system.