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For far too many adults, the holiday season can mean "headache season". Whether you are hosting the family, scouring the malls for gifts or enjoying an endless buffet of holiday treats, the holidays can often be a very stressful time.  

As you may know, stress and diet are two of the most common causes of headaches. But, sometimes this hectic time of year can trigger symptoms that feel a bit worse than a common headache. 

So, before you suppress these symptoms, take the time to seek whether you are truly suffering from a common headache or much worse... a migraine. 

Age is a state of mind. Physical exercise is the elixir of youth. This is a prime example that there are no limits when it comes to the body. With exercise and activity, almost anything is possible.

Everyone at The Neurology Office would like to thank Beverly of Tropical Glass Design for creating some of the most beautiful glass art we have ever seen. She stopped by last week to install the pieces, and they are awe-inspiring. The instalation process was just as interesting as the art.