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What is posture?

When is comes to posture, good posture is essential to establishing good health.

The term posture refers to how you position or hold your body in various stances. There are two types of posture: static posture and dynamic posture. Static posture refers to how you are positioned when you are not moving, such as sleeping, standing, or sitting. Dynamic posture refers to how you are positioned when you are moving, i.e. when you are walking, running, or bending over.

Like anything, posture is formed through habit over the course of many years. Good posture is formed by positioning the body to place the least amount of strain and stress on the spine, muscles, and ligaments.


How Much Sleep Is Enough?

The National Sleep Foundation has published a list of guidelines for all age groups. Children, babies, and teenagers tend to require more sleep to support their development.


Over the past decade, the rate of autism prevalence has increased by over 100%. Today 1 in 54 children are likely to be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).