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Coronavirus Handwashing


It has since been discovered that the virus obstructs respiratory pathways by forming a thick layer of mucus that solidifies and blocks the air pathways to the lungs. Current treatment involves unblocking these airways to apply medicine for recovery to take effect.

Given that this procedure alone takes several days, we have included recommended steps for you to take at the earliest signs you may be experiencing the Coronavirus.

Some of the initial symptoms include feelings of discomfort in the throat or a sore throat, as well as a decreased sense of smell and taste 

These symptoms are signs that the virus is entering the system; symptoms could last 3 to 4 days before graduating to the lungs.


Manage Your Symptoms 

Do an Antiseptic Rinse & Gargle Every Day using warm water and any of the following items: salt, vinegar or lemon

Do Not Smoke as smoking is an irritant to the respiratory tract and can only aggravate symptoms and hinder the recovery process

Avoid Getting the Common Flu as this weakens the immune system putting you

at further risk of complications

REST as this allows your body to fight the virus at maximum capacity


Food & Drinks

Avoid Cold Foods & Drinks

Drink Hot, Warming Fluids Continuously, such as teas, soups, and warm water.

Also, take frequent sips of a warm liquid (every 20 minutes) to keep your mouth lubricated, allowing for any virus that has entered your mouth to be washed into your stomach where gastric juices can neutralize the virus before it enters the lungs.

Eat Nutritious Foods like fruits and vegetables. In addition, try to elevate your Zinc & Vitamin C levels.


Hygienic Practices to Follow

Wash Your Hands Every 20 Minutes for 20 Seconds with a foaming soap

Avoid Wearing Your Outside Clothes Inside and take a shower when coming in from the street. As the virus attaches itself to hair and clothes, it is ideal to wash your clothes once you have used them. If this is not possible, hang them under direct sunlight, which can neutralize the virus.

Clean Frequently Touched Areas such as handrails, doorknobs, and light switches. The virus has been shown to remain viable on surfaces for hours to days (up to 9 days on metal surfaces) 

Avoid Person to Person Contact as the virus is very contagious

Finally, do not panic! Although this virus is serious, there have been thousands of recoveries made across the world! The recovery rate for The U.S.A. is over 98.5%, and may even be higher (due to undiagnosed/untested cases raising the denominator) Quickly addressing your symptoms can aid in the recovery process.

And do not hesitate to contact our office for any concerns you may have. In the case of an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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